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Caring for your feet – Foot care is typically only on people’s mind when they are more affluent recently. They started to pay more attention on their foot health and foot care – reading on and buying foot health products to use. The feet are often neglected as most people do not think of how important their pair of feet are. In fact a podiatrist will probably tell you that your feet are more important than you think.

Footcare – Your feet are the ones that support you when you are standing, give you the kinetic energy to walk, and boost even more power when you run, bringing you from one point to another. It is also believed that your foot represents your general health, in the world of foot reflexology. When you are beginning to have a foot pain somewhere, it might be signs to warn you of possible serious medical problems. Foot reflexologists believe that, applying pressure various part on the sole of our feet, we can be able to relieve stress and pain in other parts of the body. How important is our feet?

At foot, we provide a vast variety of information on foot discomfort, cracked heels, gait disorders, nasty foot problems, choosing the right footwear, sports injuries and their treatments, diabetic foot care and even some foot health pictures along the way. We aim to provide the most up to date and useful factual information to present to our visitors all for free.

On top of that, we even have a foot health forum, where anonymous members can ask the embarrassing questions to our podiatrist contributors and get some professional opinons on their foot conditions. Of course it will also be a free service, however please do not take our opinions as the final medical advice. We still encourage those with foot conditions to pay a visit to their nearest podiatry clinic if they are unsure of their conditions.

Hope you will benefit from our site and have a pleasant stay in our website.

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